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In respond to Dr Doolow.

AllPuntland(Aragtida Akhristaha) Kala xiriir  
November  21, 2001
Posted to the  November 21, 2001

Waxaa Qoray

Maryam Mohamed 


Your excelency, it's been grate to read your articles always but I've a
question about the one you wrote Mr Ali mahdi. Although i respect your point
of view but i decided to remind you very key issues which can never be
easily forgotten.

Mr Mahdi was elected in Djibouti as you quote in your article in a time that
he has no plan but to for work his country, his Somaly people, to give a
teste of freedom and many other opportunity which today many somalis are
enjoying it(somaliland).

Nevertheless, to reach that destiny wasn't as easy as one would imagine and
its realy worth to remember. After Mahdi's election to lead the country for
two years where he had no forces to defend Somali goverment at the time but
his people, we remember who were the enemy at the time. As I dont want to
dig deep back the history but my point is:

Mr Mahdi made his name through blood of young, old, women, men and every one
of the lost clan Mudulood, he made target to many ignorent somalian clan to
his people where they just heard and act, all the weopons that somalia once
had faced on the poor Mudulood civilians.

After all that long journey, Mr Mahdi made his preference to the people that
he once made as our NO_1 enemy, he prefered to look after his own interest,
he simply forget the loss of thousands of innocent tourchered because of him
and no one would have any explanation to why he did this to his people in
return of what they done for him nor he can rememeber what we standed for.

If Mr Mahdi thinks today That Abdiqasim is the presedent of Somlia why
didn'h he give up for Aideed? without loosing all we had, if money was his
eager why should he misled us, if Qeybdiid is the right candidate to be the
chief of police inspector in Mogdisho I wonder who will they be his

In conclusion to my article, I will like you to know today no one is
standing the truth of Mudulood' heritage and Mahdi is heading far east Asia
with Hasan Abshir to collect about 100 milion dolar which is Malaysia
Goverment donated to the need of Somalia long suffering public but
preferebly mahdi is looking after NO1 who is him self.

Afeef :   Qoraalada Akhristayaashu ku cabirayaan ra'yigooda  waa mid ka madaxbanaan aragtida AllPuntland iyo qorayaasheeda, marna looma saarin karo inay tahay qormo ka turjumaysa aragtida, qoraalkasta oo akhriste waxaa la socda magaca iyo cinwaanka Email ee qoraaga qoraalkaas oo isaga lagala xiriirayo. Mahadsanid



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