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SHASNA MediaWatch: Month-in-Review

Posted to the Web   March 30, 2002


SHASNA MediaWatch


[March 31, 2002]


SHASNA MediaWatch department follows news analysis, commentaries, trends, news reports and press releases of the week. We pay special attention to Somali news in general, and to Arab financed and UN supported ‘ARTA TERROR CELLS’ in particular. We analyze, digest and separate facts from fiction. With so many news outlets and so many groups, each one vying for your attention, we will try our very best to fairly analyze what you have read or missed reading.

Mogadishu, Somalia

Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832): "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!"

Samuel Butler (1612 – 1680): “For truth is precious and divine, - Too rich a pearl for a carnival swine.”

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865): “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.”

We have previously published details of the Arta Budget Scam [SHASNA MediaWatch] on SHASNA pages; unfortunately, few Nairobi based organizations have expressed little doubt about our report. No probalemo! 


Just in case you had your doubts about the never doubtable SHASNA research team, a reputable Somali website,, has now published the original budget in a PDF format [

Unconverted Image
The ARTA Budget Scam ...New! [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] ]; we hope you sit back and grief about how these donations from the ruling Middle East religious tycoons has been used for the self aggrandizement of the sub-clan. It is your money; you deserve to know how the sub-clan and associates spent it. 

New York, NY

Washington, DC

Nairobi, Kenya

Brussels, EU

Wall Street Journal – March 21, 2002

Claudia Rosett - Edifice Complex: Foreign Aid Helps the Helpers

“To judge by the battle cries, there’s a lulu of a war against poverty going on this week at the U.N. conference on development funding in Monterrey, Mexico. From Jimmy Carter to George Soros, the howl has gone up that more must be done – or rather, more must be spent, especially by the U.S. – to fight global poverty. This is the collective crusade that the U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan described on Tuesday as “the spirit of Monterrey.”

“You might almost be tempted to think this is all about the poor. Think again. The conference is itself an admission of the failure of more than 50 years of ever-expanding aid programs, in which one flop after another has been followed by fresh promises that next time, with new strategies and more money, something will work. Meanwhile, wherever the private sector has been given half a chance, it has roared ahead, leaving aid programs in the dust. Aid rarely does much for the poor, and it costs U.S. taxpayers plenty – not just in dollars, but by way of backlashes engendered by policies that actually hurt. So why the outcry for yet more aid?”

And the fleecing of America continues!

We, at SHASNA, are not well versed in the language and politics of fleecing and foreign aid, but we know what food handouts and UN dependency has meant to the Somali people!

The revelations about the crippling effects of foreign aid, UN humanitarian agencies, and lately the ruling UN classes a/k/a UN Political Offices (UNPOS), and the explosion of highly arrogant NGOs in Africa, should not be a surprise to any citizen of the African continent. They have created a dependent nation after dependent nation; where self-reliance and innovation are never encouraged; where private businesses and entrepreneurs are never extended a helping hand, but are rather seen as co-competitors to very limited funds, and therefore to be demolished!

No surprises here and to Africans in general that “ Foreign Aid Helps the Helpers,” and that misery in the African continent is seen by many as a revolving door of lifetime employment opportunity for aid givers, employees and affiliated NGOs.

We sure wonder what percentage of each dollar ends up in the hands of helpers vs. the poor and the despondent?

We sure need help, but not in its current package!

New York, NY

United Nations

Your Excellency, we were delighted about the “Report of the Secretary-General on the Situation in Somalia;” it sure was an improvement over the previous IRIN reports.

However, Your Excellency, one slight correction: every so-called ‘reconciliation process’ by the Djibouti established Transitional National Government has resulted more deaths and debilitation. Trust us, every time Mr. Hassan and his scrooges open up their mouth and say ‘reconciliation process’ they really mean: retaking of additional other clan farms, land and properties; more foreign aid money for the sub-clan and therefore sub-clan firepower superiority; and finally, destruction of whatever peace and development that has been achieved in the ‘Recovery Zones’ which you have described on your August 1999 Report as pillars of Somalia (Para 17, “…with Puntland joining hands with Somaliland, the first step could be taken towards the resuscitation of Somalia.”)

Your Excellency, for an irrefutable proof, prepared by the Arta TNG, about their destabilization policies directed against the Recovery Zones and supported by the now departed Messrs David Stephen and Randolph Kent, please take a look at their budget above, and how much they have spent to create turmoil, clan animosities and unrest in the Recovery Zones. Your Excellency, who is responsible for the blood of the innocent women and children shed by the Arta TNG, of which you and the Security Council so highly insist that it is the most viable peace process?

Your Excellency, it is almost two years since the inception of the Arta group, and all they have brought in for Somalia and for the recovery zones are more deaths and debilitation. Actually on your Report you rightly state their lack of governance and that “the lack of a single authority through which the United Nations can engage within Mogadishu… does not bode well for an increased United Nations presence there.” Yet, Your Excellency, you continue on insisting and informing the world “…that the Arta peace process is the most viable basis for peace and national reconciliation in Somalia.”

Your Excellency, you quite well know of the peace and development in the northern Recovery Zones, of the stability of RRA controlled territories, and the overall serious lack of leadership and transparency by this gang in Hotel Ramadan, there is no comparison; yet, Your excellency, being a witness to the horrors of these terror cells, you encourage the Somali people to continue on the Arta ‘reconciliation process!’

Your Excellency, Security Council members, trust us, work with us, work with the regional authorities; help us build our nation, block by block, through the “Building Blocks Approach;” please forget about your obsession with the Arta process and a centralized government structure in Somalia; it doesn’t work, will not work and – hear us load and clear - it is not the most viable approach to national peace and reconciliation in Somalia.

Your Excellency, we can and should do better; please work with us, not against us; and for a change, please for a change, give us a chance and don’t impose your values and that of the Security Council on the Somali people!

Your Excellency, we will keep exposing the truth, nothing but the truth; and we wish, hope and trust that every individual, government, organization, and UN official that supports these terror cells will be “stopped and defeated.” And by gosh, Somalis everywhere will see to it that Mogadishu TNG terror cell will belong to “history’s unmarked graveyards of discarded lies.”  


The Hague – For all UN officials and other world bodies that are concerned about human rights abuses and about Siad Barre’s regime; for all those who were concerned about the Hargeysa, Berbera and Burco massacres; for all of those who were concerned about the mass executions and mass rapes of women of Mudug; for all of those who were concerned about the poisoning and destructions of water wells and water bores in Mudug; for all of those who are concerned about the massacres of Jazeera beach in Mogadishu; for all of those who are concerned about the mass executions and tortures of Somalia’s finest and brightest military men; for all of you who are concerned about the destruction of Somali intellect and Somali intellectuals; for all of you who are unable to find the good and kind Somalis of yesteryears; and for all of those who are still unable to find their loved ones and their finest Somalis, please note that the war criminals who directed Siad Barre’s war against all Somalis; who are responsible for above actions are at it again and are headed by none other than Mr. AbdiQasim Salad Hassan, Hassan Abshir Farah, Gen. Galaal, Gen. Jilicow and other related terror cells and certain entourage in Hotel Ramadan, and of course the Hotel owner who is the local representative for Al-Qaeda, have again directed other crimes against humanity: the massacres of Baraawe and Kismayo; and the torching of Garasweyne, Hejmacood and Kuunyo-Barrow villages and where most of the residents were either massacred or chased away by the terror cells (Islamic court militias) and sub-clan militias. We hope the UN and their remaining highly regarded political officers pay close attention to these devastating wars and heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Arab supported Arta sub-clan. These men in Hotel Ramadan and many others, members of Osama bin Laden and the UN pet project, got us where we are today. The UN should not only pay lip service to human rights abuses, but also should lead the way and show some action. Unless of course, as always, crimes against the Blackman and Africans in particular are not considered real crimes! We sincerely hope it ain’t so.

IRIN – [Their reports don’t necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, but do definitely reflect the views of Mr. Abdi Salad Hassan, brother of al-Islah president, Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, and may be, UN political officers based in Nairobi]

This UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, is a misnomer, and should be appropriately renamed the UN-al-Itihad Office for the Coordination of instability in East Africa!

Dear readers, lately, we are aware that IRIN has not been firing their fabrications and lies on both barrels of the gun. We wonder if Mr. Winston A. Tubman has tallied the damage and has already read them the riot act! If he hasn’t, we hope, he will!

Either case, we do sense an improvement, but please don’t cross your fingers yet!

Finally, does IRIN cover Mogadishu only or all of Somalia? Please take a look at their web site. We inform, you decide!

Osama’s allies – What do Mr. Salad Hassan (TNG), Ina Deylaaf (counterfeit currency dealer), Col. Hassan Dahir Aweys (US most wanted list – Kandahar/Marka/Mog), Yusuf Garaad (BBC Somali Sub-clan Section), Hassan Barrise (BBC Sub-clan reporter in Mogadishu) and Abdi Salad Hassan (IRIN) have in common?

What do the above individuals have in common with Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale (Al-Barakaat and detained in Dubai), Abbas Ali Abdi (US most wanted list – Mogadishu), Abdullahi Hussein Kahiye “Asbaro” (Mogadishu), Abukar Adane (Hotel Ramadan: Al-Qaeda Hotelier and financier of the TNG) Mohamed Atef (dead in Kabul) and Osama bin Laden (missing in action)?

What do Ismail Hassan ‘Kutubaweyne’ (Dubai), Yusuf Jama Degel ‘Cambe-Cambe’ (Dubai), Sheikh Mohamed Food-cadde (Dubai), Abdilatif Yusuf Barre (Boosaaso), Col. Jama A. Jama (Boosaaso), AbdiWahab Mohamud Gurey (Dubai) Col. Abdiaziz Gureye Karshe (Dubai) and Abdinasir Gureye Karshe (Garoowe) have in common? What do they have in common with Col. Hassan Dahir Aweys (US most wanted list – Kandahar/Marka/Mogadishu) and Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale (Al-Barakaat and detained in Dubai)?

What do all the above individuals have in common with the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia based al-Haramain Foundation, of which the Treasury said that as recently as December 2001, the Somalia office was helping al-Itihaad members travel to Saudi Arabia, where they planned to apply for residence permits?

Stay tuned for the names and residences of the foundation’s Somalia based, Saudi Arabia residents and or SA residency permit applicants!

London, England – How come most al-Itihaad and al-Haramain officials have their permit residences either in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia or in the United Arab Emirates? Just a thought!

Boosaaso, Puntland – Democracy, as sponsored by less than 17 Issims and associates, in action or is it? What do Puntlanders in the Diaspora now say of their sincere and wishful, albeit misguided, calls for democracy in Puntland?

Let us begin the countdown for anarchy in Boosaaso!

London - BBC Somali Desk and the BBC Monitoring service – We wonder who is monitoring who? Is it Yusuf-Garaad, head of the Somali desk, and his extended sub-clan members at the service in London and in Nairobi, monitoring the service or vice versa?

Will the BBC Monitoring go the same way as that of the BBC Somali Section or? Time will tell - Euripides (400 something BC): “Time will explain it all. He is a talker, and needs no questioning before he speaks.”

By night and by day I shall seek your truth, O Lord light my path, show the way.

What is beyond the hills that I climb, Lord, clear the mist away.


Thank you very much for your support in the ARENA OF IDEAS in these trying times. The true and tested hard working and devoted Somalis need leadership and unbiased information. We will try our very best to provide that. To other Somalis on the fence: the days of one clan forcefully dominating the other are over. If each one of us doesn’t clean his/her own house, nobody will clean it for us! For all the young men and women: don’t waste your time in this clan rubbish. Stay in school; we may need you someday. For the few who disagree, please be specific in where we err, if we do at all!

SHASNA* Editorial Board 

cc: SHASNA Members 

*SHASNA is an advocacy group based in Boston, Massachusetts. It stands for the unity and peaceful coexistence of Somali people. It supports the creation of a federal system of governance to safeguard the emerging free markets of the Recovery Zones. SHASNA encourages corporate and individual investments in the Recovery Zones. It has presences in both Puntland (Boosaaso, Garoowe, Buurtinle, Bacaadweyn and Galkayo) and Somaliland (Hargeysa, Berbera and Burco).

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of

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