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SHASNA MediaWatch: Month-in-Review

Posted to the Web   March 01, 2002


SHASNA MediaWatch    


SHASNA MediaWatch


[February 28, 2002]


SHASNA MediaWatch department follows news analysis, commentaries, trends, news reports and press releases of the week. We pay special attention to Somali news in general, and to Arab financed and UN supported ‘ARTA TERROR CELLS’ in particular. We analyze, digest and separate facts from fiction. With so many news outlets and so many groups, each one vying for your attention, we will try our very best to fairly analyze what you have read or missed reading.

Muqdishu, Somalia

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832): "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!"

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832): "I cannot tell how the truth may be; I say the tale as ‘t was said to me."

Mr. Ali K Gallaydh – September 16, 2001, during the presentation of the details of Arta group accounts: “As you are aware this government [a/k/a Arta Faction] came to Mogadishu as a guest of certain Mogadishu businessmen [al-Itihaad al-Islamiya] who paid almost all our expenses.”

SHASNA – Janauary 31, 2002: “With al-Islaah, one of al-Qaeda’s many subsidiaries and a notch above al-Itihaad in the corporate hierarchy controlling the agenda, the movement set out to establish a government for the group and by the group. In short, with the help of corrupt UN officials and Djibouti elite, the Somali transitional national government was born. And surprise, surprise … it was headed by none other than the regional al-Islaah leader, Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan!”

“The investment has finally paid off, or so they thought!!”

SHASNA has obtained the Arta group account details from the period of May 2001 to September 16, 2001 as originally presented by Mr. Ali Gallaydh to his cronies. The document is over 80 pages; we have dusted it; rubbed it; studied, analyzed, footed and summarized it! And now we know why Mr. Gallaydh is a bitter man, and why the gang leader has ousted him!

Dear reader, as always, we have done the homework for you; please sit back and enjoy the fireworks; the English translation follows:

Mr. Ali K. Gallaydh – September 16, 2001- Introduction of budget details: As you are aware this government [led by the sub-clan leader] came to Mogadishu as a guest of certain Mogadishu businessmen [al-Itihaad al-Islamiya] who paid almost all our expenses.

We have subsequently on April of 2001, received $14 million dollars from the Saudi and Qatar governments. We also had approximately sh so5,262,457,000 [$304,717] printed [counterfeit money] and imported by Mogadishu businessmen.

The $14 million were deposited in a Saudi Bank in Jeddah that could only be withdrawn with checks signed by either the Minister of Fianance or the Governor of the Bank [a sub-clan member].

I will admit to you that huge mistakes were made in how and where the $14 million were spent!

Most of the expenses were spent on militia; but certain individuals spent most of the funds, without any details, as follows:

















Average Exp










Per Month


May - Aug

Personal Expenditures:






May - Aug 2001



Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan

















Galaal - not including sub-clan militia payouts







Office of Mr. Gallaydh









Zakaria - Information Office








Mr. I M Hure Bubaa's Foreign Affairs Office

















Total personal, private and unaccounted funds







[SHASNA PS: Do you wonder who is getting short-changed here?]







I hope these account details will satisfy your curiosity and will help us earn the confidence of our people in order to achieve our objectives, perform our duties and safe keep the wealth of the nation [during the Siad Barre regime, the wealth of the nation plus all foreign donated funds were looted by the same gang and they are at it again] and the overall economy of the country.

Thank you,

Ali Khalif Galaydh

[The Big Scam - the Details of their Budget!]


From the Office of Mr. Galaydh [the Salad Hassan ousted premier of the sub-clan]


From the Period of May 2001 to September 16, 2001


Summary of Support, Donations and Expenditures:

Dahab-shiil &



Support Received:


Item Numbers


Arab Funds




Total Support

Saudi Arb & Qatar














































































Pay Back to Mog.


















Additional Disbursements








To I M Hure Bubaa









Hajj 2001










Other Expenses









Djibouti: Commissions & Payoff a/k/a







 Gov Secrets -hawl qaran











Total Expenditures








Total Support Received







Total Expenditures







Net Deficit









Difference Deemed to Represent Net Exchange Gain





(Exchange rate used by the company is $1 to sh so17,270)













Additional Details (SHANSA Footnotes):





















* Please note these contributions don't include other in-kind donations, food and or


  Weapons including but not limited to battle wagons, vehicles or ammunitions;


  Neither party disclosed any of these contributions!
















a) Most of the over $3 million June disbursements consisted of hotel and auto rentals;


    withdrawals by Mr. Salad Hassan for reconciliations (kharash dib-u-heshiisiin)


    i.e., bribes for purposes of destabilization (taakuleyn Gobollada) and includes


    $60,000 approved by Gallaydh and Eng. Osman Jama sent to Boosaaso, Garoowe


    and Gaalkacyo; it also includes sh so1,414,842,000 (p/v no 60) or $81,925 for


    repayment of five vehicles captured by the RRA from A. Deeroow;




    and over $500,000 to support the Marka, Ballidoogle and Kismayo sub-clan militias!













b) Djibouti Commissions are net of the following expenses reported separately in the


    monthly summarized Arta expenses:







Gifts, Bananas, Grape fruits, airline tickets and furniture for the office of the



President: Cheque Serial # 6 for $400k - Musa Haji Abdi via Dahab-Shiil













c) Includes an additional $100,000 for the Ministry of Higher Education, and cash is


    personally picked up by ONE Mr. Mohamed A Deylaaf; of course in the report


    Gallaydh asks as to why Mr. Deylaaf!! "foojarka magac kale ayaa ku qoran. Why???"













d) Included in the August numbers is a sh so1,960,000,000 (p/v no 326) or $113,492


    paid to Mr. Hassan Abshir Farah; you gussed it right: it is for the office of Puntland


   Affairs or what is commonly known as the office for the destabilization of Puntland!













e) Includes $100,000 authorized by Abdiqaasim for the Office of Puntland Affairs


   for the destabilization of Puntland; and it is picked up by Mr. Hassan Abshir Farah


   for purposes of Arta 'taakuleyn & dib-u-heshiisiin gobollada!'















  It also includes over $150,000 to support Marka & Kismayo sub-clan militia, and it is


  approved by Eng. O Jama with p/v nos 462 & 481, and picked up by Warxoolo General 


  Trading - Hussein Ali Mohamed;



















   It also includes $114,360 for Al-Islaah Trading and paid to ONE Mr. Deylaaf and again


   approved by Eng. Osman Jama!



















f) Included in this sum is $3,046,000 paid to ONE Mr. Mahomed A Deylaaf, cousin of


  of Abdiqasim Salad Hassan and the leader of Mogadishu and Marka sub-clan militias.


  These funds were directly withdrawn from the Saudi Bank in Jeddah, SA




g) Post September 11, 2001 Expenses: wonder why the decrease?














Please note that Qadaffi, the Libya strong man, recently donated funds for the benefit of


Somalia is yet to be disclosed!








Of course, the extremely bitter Mr. Gallaydh claims on the BBC that the funds are locked in


an extremely secure safe in Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan's residence!





PS: Original copies are available for examination


Having read the details, the following observations are provided as bonus credits:

a)     Skimming of the top: The group had US dollars, printed more Shilling and paid in Somali Shilling. From a Mogadishu consumer point of view, on the spot exchange ratio during the period varied from a low one dollar to shilling Somali of 23,100 to a high of 20,100. The Arta gang used an exchange ratio of shso17,270. On average, for the consumer to purchase one US dollar, they had to pay shso20,100 vs the Arta claimed exchange ratio of shso17,270; there is a difference of shso2,830 that translates into an unaccounted amount of $1,971,000. Where is it?

b)     In addition to his personal withdrawal of $497,973, Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan has also signed for vouchers over $2 million dollars; with the exception of the $450,000 his wife has deposited in the Commercial Bank of Dubai, where did the balance go?

c)     Ditto for his cousins’ Deylaaf (over $3,200,000) and Culusoow!

d)     Is the $400,000 paid to Boore’s Djibouti and company a pay back or what?

e)     Is Dahab-shiil now turning out to be the facilitator and financier of the group?

f)       How come Mr. Galaydh, one of the originals, has been out crooked – no wonder he is extremly bitter?

g)     Where are you Mr. King Kong?

h)     A Note to Puntlanders: Does Mr. Salad Hassan trust ‘Reer Puntland’ anymore? Disclosed in above numbers are $60,000 (June 2001); $100,000 (July); and $113,492 (August) sent to destabilize Puntland and bring them in the fold. Reliable sources claim that Mr. Salad Hassan and his cousin, Mr. Deylaaf, in addition to above funds, have personally sent funds in excess of $300,000 to Puntland. For those hard of hearing, we hope you can read: Garoowe conference that elected Mr. Jama Ali Jama was owned, financed and put together by Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan and his Siad Barre era cronies. The question is: did he get what he paid so much to receive? Or, did he get the short end of the stick?

A special note for the bitter Mr. Ali Khalif Galaydh who set fire on his own house and businesses: Mr. Hassan Abshir Farah will soon be very bitter too; he will of course be out-witted, out-willed and out-crooked by the highly motivated Siad Barre student, Mr. A. Salad Hassan; he surely is a true survivor!

A note to Donors

Having examined the disbursement details of these Arab donated funds, we would like to remind our “Arab brothers!” the following: since your contributions to the group, there had been about at least six battles with heavy casualties in Mogadishu; few battles in Jowhar, Balcad and Hiiraan areas; few more battles in RRA controlled territories; never ending battles in areas between Marka all the way to Kismayo with untold casualties, and exterminations by invading clans you support against indigenous tribes; and last but not least, never ending destabilizations of Northern Recovery Zones, the only areas that have made tangible progress during this difficult period, resulting some casualties and reduction of investments by Somali expatriates and others, which in turn has directly effected the average poor mother and her kids who depended on getting employment and handouts from these new investments and projects.

Dear “Arab brothers!” you have turned peaceful regions into contested areas; you have totally boycotted the only product Somalia has been able to export lately, the Somali livestock; you have rewarded misery and punished progress!

Dear “Arab Brothers,” since your $14 million contributions to the sub-clan, there has been thousands of deaths, mainly consisting of poor mothers and their skeleton babies. Could you please put a price tag on their head? Do you know that since your contributions at least two thousand Somali individuals have perished from us? Could you put a price tag on each one of them? We can; for each death, you have rewarded and contributed $7,000 to the sub-clan! Think of it, and think hard!

We would also like to remind you that even though you have lately been fighting against all forms of extremism, why support and export extremism to Somalia and to the Horn?

Why do Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar and Yemen, on behalf of Egypt, destabilize and create a never ending turmoil in Somalia and Ethiopia? Is it all about the Nile River? Is the Nile River a zero sum game, and that you either have it or you don’t?

Do we have to suffer because of Egypt’s policy vis-à-vis Ethiopia and the Nile River? Because of your previous failed policies, both Ethiopia and Eritrea have suffered and are suffering now, and you have nothing tangible to show for it. Do we have to have Somalia on the same road all over again? On a worst case scenario, what is your fall back position as far as Somalia is concerned? Do you know that your policies are no longer immune from discussions among Somalis, and that you are slowly pushing us to the edge? In the long-term, in this disastrous experiment, what is in it for you, for your people and religion?

Dear “Arab brothers,” With Ethiopia we share everything we share with you and much, much more. In the long term, any policy to isolate Ethiopia, and may be create an Egyptian puppet regime in Somalia, will not work and will never work. In this day and age, all countries in the region should be able to work together, progress together, share water and resources together. It is our sincere believe that you should not be advocating for zero sum games and bankrupt policies!

Peace and prosperity is not a zero sum game; if we sincerely put our minds to it, together, we can all achieve peace and prosperity. It is your call!

UN Political Officers

Messrs David Stephens, Randolph Kent and Wayne Long, where are you? Messrs Kieran Predergast and Babafemi Badeho, where are you? Are you by any chance enjoying your creations, the children of the Master! Has anything good, besides death and debilitation, come out of the endless reconciliations you have conveniently supported?

Since you are gone from the scene or will go away soon, do you feel any remorse for your policies that empowered certain sub-clan militias to rob, maim, rape, evict and kill innocent mothers and their children? We hope you do!

And the saga continues – stay tuned for more SHASNA reports!

And as we keep exposing the truth, nothing but the truth, we wish, hope and trust that every individual, government, organization, and UN official that supports these terror cells will be “stopped and defeated.” And by gosh, Somalis everywhere will see to it that Mogadishu TNG terror cell will belong to “history’s unmarked graveyards of discarded lies.”



The Hague – For all UN officials and other world bodies that are concerned about human rights abuses and about Siad Barre’s regime; for all those who were concerned about the Hargeysa, Berbera and Burco massacres; for all of those who were concerned about the mass executions and mass rapes of women of Mudug; for all of those who were concerned about the poisoning and destructions of water wells and water bores in Mudug; for all of those who are concerned about the massacres of Jazeera beach in Mogadishu; for all of those who are concerned about the mass executions and tortures of Somalia’s finest and brightest military men; for all of you who are concerned about the destruction of Somali intellect and Somali intellectuals; for all of you who are unable to find the good and kind Somalis of yesteryears; and for all of those who are still unable to find their loved ones and their finest Somalis, please note that the war criminals who directed Siad Barre’s war against all Somalis; who are responsible for above actions are at it again and are headed by none other than Mr. AbdiQasim Salad Hassan, Hassan Abshir Farah, Gen. Galaal, Gen. Jilicow and other related terror cells and certain entourage in Hotel Ramadan, and of course the Hotel owner who is the local representative for Al-Qaeda, have again directed other crimes against humanity: the massacres of Baraawe and Kismayo; and the torching of Garasweyne, Hejmacood and Kuunyo-Barrow villages and where most of the resident were either massacred or chased away by the terror cells (Islamic court militias) and sub-clan militias. We hope the UN and their remaining highly regarded political officers pay close attention to these devastating wars and heinous crimes against humanity committed by the Arab supported Arta sub-clan. These men in Hotel Ramadan and many others, members of Osama bin Laden and the UN pet project, got us where we are today. The UN should not only pay lip service to human rights abuses, but also should lead the way and show some action. Unless of course, as always, crimes against the Blackman and Africans in particular are not considered real crimes! We sincerely hope it ain’t so.

IRIN – [Their reports don’t necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations, but do definitely reflect the views of Mr. Abdi Salad Hassan, brother of al-Islah president, Abdiqasim Salad Hassan, and UN political officers based in Nairobi]

This UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, is a misnomer, and should be appropriately renamed the UN-al-Itihad Office for the Coordination of instability in East Africa!

We now wonder how IRIN will spin our exposé? Do not be surprised if they call it one of the great achievements in recent memory; we will not be surprised!

Osama’s allies – What do Mr. Salad Hassan (TNG), Ina Deylaaf (counterfeit currency dealer), Col. Hassan Dahir Aweys (US most wanted list – Kandahar/Marka/Mog), Yusuf Garaad (BBC Somali Sub-clan Section), Hassan Barrise (BBC Sub-clan reporter in Mogadishu) and Abdi Salad Hassan (IRIN) have in common?

What do the above individuals have in common with Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale (Al-Barakaat and detained in Dubai), Abbas Ali Abdi (US most wanted list – Mogadishu), Abdullahi Hussein Kahiye “Asbaro” (Mogadishu), Abukar Adane (Hotel Ramadan: Al-Qaeda Hotelier and financier of the TNG) Mohamed Atef (dead in Kabul) and Osama bin Laden (missing in action)?

What do Ismail Hassan ‘Kutubaweyne’ (Dubai), Yusuf Jama Degel ‘Cambe-Cambe’ (Dubai), Sheikh Mohamed Food-cadde (Dubai), Abdilatif Yusuf Barre (Boosaaso), AbdiWahab Mohamud Gurey (Dubai) Col. Abdiaziz Gureye Karshe (Dubai) and Abdinasir Gureye Karshe (Garoowe) have in common? What do they have in common with Col. Hassan Dahir Aweys (US most wanted list – Kandahar/Marka/Mogadishu) and Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale (Al-Barakaat and detained in Dubai)?

By the way, is Dubai, UAE, the new-found-land and safe haven of Osama’s allies, followers and financiers from all corners of the globe, of course including Somalia and Puntland in particular?

 By night and by day I shall seek your truth, O Lord light my path, show the way.

What is beyond the hills that I climb, Lord, clear the mist away.



Thank you very much for your support in the ARENA OF IDEAS in these trying times. The true and tested hard working and devoted Somalis need leadership and unbiased information. We will try our very best to provide that. To other Somalis on the fence: the days of one clan forcefully dominating the other are over. If each one of us doesn’t clean his/her own house, nobody will clean it for us! For all the young men and women: don’t waste your time in this clan rubbish. Stay in school; we may need you someday. For the few who disagree, please be specific in where we err, if we do at all!

SHASNA* Editorial Board
cc: SHASNA Members

*SHASNA is an advocacy group based in Boston, Massachusetts. It stands for the unity and peaceful coexistence of Somali people. It supports the creation of a federal system of governance to safeguard the emerging free markets of the Recovery Zones. SHASNA encourages corporate and individual investments in the Recovery Zones. It has presences in both Puntland (Boosaaso, Garoowe, Buurtinle, Bacaadweyn and Galkayo) and Somaliland (Hargeysa, Berbera and Burco).


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