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AllPuntland Waxay Awoodaa inay soo Bandhigto  Wax ayan Kuwa kale Awoodin ! Run sheeg Waa Khayr Sheeg !

AllPuntland: Qoraalada Akhristaha 

The right man for PL is a leader for hard times!.. 

Posted to the Web   March, 2002


Abdulrazak Osman Dirie    

A word of wisdom, 'To look backwards is to refresh the eye, to resore it, and to render it more fit for the prime function of looking forward.' First came a war in the one city-state capital of Mogadishu, a war that never ended. 


Suddenly, public and private properties were illegally taken away by force and unaccountable numbers of innocent people were killed due to their tribe of origin leave alone the numbers of women who were raped. 

Due to that unprecedented terror, I was one of the fortunate ones who make it to Bosaso (N-East) where my family came from before many generations. 


Nevertheless, the road to safety was dangerous and the road was strewn with dead bodies and immigrants were stripped off the remanents of their possessions. 

At that period, there was no effective adminstration in the N-East, the port of Bosaso was under the Ittihad led by the U.S wanted man who is called Hassan Dahir Aweys and the security was a fragile one because of the weakness of the political leadership. 


Later, former chairman of the SSDF comes home for good unlike his current political rivals who were waiting at that time their asylum aplications in Bosaso. Early on, trouble started when the the Ittihad who were fearful of the home-coming of Col.Abdullahi unsuccesfully attempted to take control of the N-East. 


After that incident, I went to Adis-abeba where the Ethiopian govn. has treated the Somali refugees as citizens of its own while they were violated in other neighbouring countries. Any way, the political confusion in this major part of Somalia continued and Mr. Ali Mahdi used to claim that N-East was under his command while the other parts of Puntland were also claimed by others. 

But things will turn for the better after the failure of the Cairo conference which , in fact, established the first well-organized federal state of Puntland and elected Mr, Abdullahi as its president. 


Kismayo factor 


Earlier, Mr. Abdullahi hasn't confined his policies alone in PL but he has assisted the Somalis who were under occupation like the RRA and others. 

And thanks to this political far-sightedness, the forces of Kismayo who were expelled from their territory were given a save-haven by the RRA. 


Moreover, President Abdullahi has assisted Kismayo in all means even when his adminstration was disrupted as if he is the historical Wali (leader) of the Somali people in Hafun who has done a similar act around the 14th century as recorded in the book of the Zinj available in Somalia : scritti vari editti ed inditti.vols written by Cerulli. 


Further, he has restored the peace and stability in Mudug which is still functioning although it was rejected at that time by some local politicians.In this matter, Mr. Greenfield relates in his book about the UN involvement in Somalia that Aideed has told him once that peace in Mudug was inevitable because his granf father who has opposed a similar peace treaty was killed by his own clansmen! 


After Arte ( which means volcanic crater in Afar language ), the parliament of Puntland has extended the mandate of the government for a second time in reference to the situation and it has recieved the full support of the majority of Puntland elders as well as the army and the civil servants. 

Disappointingly, after the establishment of the so called TNG, the participants from Puntland in that confernce who were mainly the failed political immigrants and selfish elders armed with Arab funds have started to disturb the Puntland's support to Kismayo and also have tried to replace the adminstration in unconstitutional way which was supported by the defeated Al-ittihad. 


As a result,the military and the police have intervened to bring back the law and order in the capital while they are nowadays engaged to do the same in a peaceful manner with the help of the Bari governor Haji Bikin in the port city of Bosaso. 


But what we can learn from the past? In my opinion, I think that the Somali crises have their roots in hatred, tribal selfishness, prejudice and injustice and these evils will not be uprooted easily. On the other hand, it is clear that there are some self interested people in Puntland and the man in their right so far as they concerned is the one with the great wealth and open handed! 


By the way, nothing is easier than self-deceit, for what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true. In all, the above mentioned facts tells us that what Puntland really needs is a laeder for hard times as stated in "Africa's problem child" by Prof. Said. S. Samatar. 


A.O.Dirie The Netherlands

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