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AllPuntland Waxay Awoodaa inay soo Bandhigto  Wax ayan Kuwa kale Awoodin ! Run sheeg Waa Khayr Sheeg !

Ra'yiga Akhristaha 


Posted to the Web   April 08, 2002


Hassan Abukar    


“The Double-face of Gen. ADEN GABYOW” 

Mr. Gabyow, Are we playing more games, or business is as usual to you? more disruption, more years for anarchism. And more time to postpone just incase of international war crimes tribunal may emerge. 

I would like to have a say about what Aden Gabyow, ex member of the demised SRRC rejecting the newly created State of South-West Somalia, whom it’s population unanimously agreed and elected Dr. Hassan Mohamed Nur (Shaatigaduud) as their president.  

I eagerly gave myself enough time to read the contents of their constitution and the people who signed and approved, while it is still subject to final endorsement by the coming elected representatives of Southwest Somalia population. The concerned part and the people who are in charge, I spoke with my people both those who live in Southwest Somalia or abroad. 

Well, Mr. Gabyow, why are you howling about something that doesn’t even concern you? Did you forget that you are actually from Kenya, not Somalia? The Somalis are aware that you were a Poacher who used to hunt illegally the protected Kenyan Elephants for their Ivories. If it wasn’t Siad Barre who invited you and make you General, you would’ve been rotten in Kenyan prisons.  

We say as Digil and Mirifle People, ‘If you are unfortunate you should be driven by misfortune to give up what is right’.

Well, We won’t be silent and listen when a person like you start thinking that He is in charge of something and starts lecturing from BBC Somali language, the newly Arta Faction lip service provider in London. 

Just because of our Multicultural policy that doesn’t mean that idiot leaders like you Mr. Gabyow can easily deviate the course of our political strategy neither claim rights nor fellowship ever existed that united us , but as our Constitution clearly indicates everybody can freely reside and live in The Southwest State by respecting the Laws and regulations of The State and not pretend to govern at gun point the Southwest State population in their Land. 


Mr. Aden Gabayow, you have been sitting over 2 years in Baidoa City, Hotel Al-Quds, Your bills were being paid and still paid by Digil and Mirifle tax payers, and now I guess you decided to go to Hotel Ramadan probably your cousin Jess told you they serve better soup in there. Whatever may it be your new game, it is over. I wonder but now I know why God created hell as the unimaginable outsized dimension as it is!

“Maa agnaa canii maaliya@ Halaka canii suldhaaniyah@” 


Let us reflect for a moment what I am saying. If you don’t understand, then either you are a victim, or Criminal. I am thanking the people of Puntland, the people of Somaliland, and all the Somalis in General who well wished to Southwest Somali State, its people, and understood the need to be crossed the existence of Arta_Faction Era and it’s followers for good. The fickle ones surely will soon perish and wasted as aimless insignificant creatures earlier did in the past history. 


The wisdom of creating Arta_faction 

During the Arta_Faction creation, on the stage of Ismail Geele, the man who wants us to believe that He restored us back to our existence and we owe him unending gratitude for his services.

Well let us ask ourselves several questions before we thank him. 

  • Who brought billions of counterfeit Somali shilling in containers and robbed thousands of poor Somali widows raising orphan children by way of inflation means?

  • Who killed those thousands poor widow’s husbands, and make those tens of thousands children orphans?

  • Who caused hundreds of thousands Somali families flee to neighboring countries, and hundreds of thousands to America and Europe as refugees?

  • Who raped the minor innocent girls, and when was asked their leaders to stop their militias the mischief, answered with, ‘they are Mujahidin and they need women’.?

  • Who took people’s property by gun point?

  • Who was the only person who could import sugar into Mogadishu before the creation of Arta_faction?

  • Who calls themselves, “Black cat”, Mukulaal madow mininkaaga keenso. Or the black rats is going ruin your houses.?

  • Who are the black rats anyway, or the Black cats.?

  • In Ismael Geele’s stage of Creating Arta_Faction, how come we ended up choosing one of the two Black Cats “Mukulaals” but no one else came to the final.?

  • Is it possible that we elect our rulers as our beloved Black cats.?

  • Who is Mr. Booraan to own thousands of hectares drug farms in the middle of the burned fields.?

  • Who burned down Our trees.?

  • Who is raiding the deprived ones hut shelter, and calls it Government taxing.?

  • Who killed the Americans when they went to protect the international communities food assistance to be reached the Digil and Mirifle starving people.?

  • Who calls Digil and Mirifle Ethiopians.?

  • Who killed the Pakistans.?

  • Who killed 300 a day of men, women, children, and elderly.?

  • Who prevented them to cultivate their lands.?

  • Who sells to them water from the river bank in the name of tax.?

  • Who was extorting money from the relief agencies.?

  • Who abducts them and releases for ransom to be paid.?

  • Who were the 3 guys who triggered the machinegun, blasted 14 bullets on an elderly Swedish lady who was helping the people of Merka.?

  • How come Arta-Group’s Police chief Abdi Qeybdiid let them go when he found out the were his own Arta_faction Mujaahidiin.?

  • How come our so called Police chief is bragging of killing 3 Americans out the 18, and He is been appointed by self righteous friend as the commander in chief Police force.?


My dear Mr. Gabyow ; I hope that someone literate carefully reads this article for you and concentrate with all your very little brain’s ability to understand the reality in Somalia and once for good see the real solution for its prolonged problem. Enough bloodshed and please for Gods sake get back to your territories and trust God, He will provide you generously if you are thankful. 

    The Voice of The Southwest State population around The World.


    Toronto, CANADA.

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