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Jenin, What Happened?

Posted to the Web   May 06, 2002


Ali Abdullahi 

Jenin, What Happened?
By Ali Abdullahi
In Nairobi
May 4, 2002

In the last few weeks the world of diplomacy has changed radically for the  worse, where our TV screens were filled with blood, despair, and  destruction. First, the Israel Military incursions into the west bank  causing mayhem, death and doom. Secondly, the silence of the so-called  democratic states of the west on the massacre of innocent civilians by Ariel  Sharon and Company.

The UN was once again “owned” and manipulated by men like Pendergrast, John  Negroponte and others. Thirdly, even the oil rich Arab despots could not  tell their master the US that things are not that good, and the common man  might wake up in the streets though we saw an oil Sheik alighting from an  airplane in Texas nothing of substance was discussed there and business was 
as usual.

We have also seen the media wars of the ultra rich orthodox Jews in major  newspapers and TV’s and even at this time Richard Roth with a diplomatic  license (a Rothchild look alike) was on their side. The Arab world anchoring  on Al-Jazeera was beaming up its version of things with a lot of graphics  that could not “doctored”. 

While on the other side CNN images were severely  massaged and manipulated but the BBC stuck to its own media ethics and 
showed the massacres as they happened this is what has angered the Jewish  lobbyists on Downing Street.

Are Arabs to blame themselves for what is happening to them? I think so. 
They have even tried to gather together under the Arab league but we are  still waiting for any constructive outcome of this unholy alliance. 

They  only know how to destabilize themselves as is happening in Somalia were the  Arab League is pouring arms into Somalia. The House of “Saud” to shore up  the relationship between Washington and Riyadh is also spending millions in  a massive public relations exercise in the US.

The siege is still going on without a solution. The US has once again taken  sides and stuck to Israel’s position. Muslim moderates, Christians and even  other peace loving citizens of the world is asking themselves if it can  happen in Jenin then it can be done any where.

The massacre of innocent civilians by a massively armed state military is a  question that will remain in our minds for many years to come. The massacre of Jenin is a clear violation of human rights. The UN has also come under  heavy fire from both the Israelis and the
Palestinians but the jury is still out on an outcome. 

The fact-finding  mission to Jenin is in tatters and it seems the Israelis have something to  hide from the world. I think it is the first time that the Public relations  battle was lost by both the US and the Jewish State. Thanks to Information  Technology, Satellite communications and the Internet, we might be fooled  once but not always.

The church of the Nativity is still surrounded by Israeli soldiers and the  Catholic Church is mired in a sexual scandal that its mouth is shut and  congregations are not contributing much. 

Their minds sandwiched between a  recession and a sexually active clergy. While on the other side Sharon is  still calling the shots to keep that siege. We all know the dark history of  Ariel Sharon and the massacres he committed in the early 1980’s against the  same innocent civilians. He should face the full arm of law and his case in 
Belgium on charges of genocide is still on. 

The Jews talks of the holocaust  in the early 1940’s don’t they think that they are doing just that to the  innocent children and women in the West Bank. 

The real issue is the  occupation of Palestine by the Jewish State and not Terrorism by a desperate and uncontrollable person on the streets.  

The western countries should stop  tax credits to companies registered in Israel for the sole purpose of  settling Jewish settlers on a land that is not theirs. Arabs should also recognize Israel as a State if peace and progress is to be achieved.

If State Terrorism is not vetted and stopped in Jenin and the West Bank. 

It  might set a precedence that it is all right to exercise it in South Central,  Los Angeles, Birmingham, Belfast, and even in hot, dry Alice Springs.

The Writer Dr. Ali Abdullahi M Barkadle is a Management Consultant with  Amsas Consulting and can be contacted on or or visit us at

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