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 An Open Letter To Dr. Bob Arnot special Foreign Correspondent, MSNBC.



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January 03, 2002

Posted to the Web   January 03, 2002


Cabdulle Muuse  

 An Open Letter To Dr. Bob Arnot special Foreign Correspondent, MSNBC

In reference to: Somalia in the crosshairs for terror

President says public fears U.S. attack to avenge ‘Black Hawk Down’ deaths 

Dr. Arnot, I would like to thank you for showing interest in the humanitarian cause of my people which lost international sympathy after biting the hands of those who came to feed them (Operation Restore Hope & UNOSOM).  

It is quite encouraging to see that there are some people like you who did not write off the whole country of Somalia and its people for their inability to regain their senses a decade after having been through terrible times. Imagine the cataclysmic blows to their heads to remain unconscious for such a long period or poisonous injection that kept them sedated to the present time. However, it’s unfortunate for anyone including you, to attempt to file any meaningful report or make a correct assessment about Somalia’s recent past and its present predicament by talking to the same individuals who are directly responsible to that nation’s ills.  Your recent interview with Abdiqasim Salad Hassan is a case in point.  To see a well respected international reporter adorn him with titles like president of Somalia is a joke.

First of all, Abdiqasim cannot speak for the Somali public. He speaks only for his Habar Gidir-Ayr subclan, who is responsible for the death of those heroic American soldiers and actually assassinated those 18 selfless young boys in cold-blooded murder.  All Somalis know that Abdiqasim has so much blood in his hands.  He was one of the staunchest lab dogs of the former military dictator who served that ruthless dictatorial military regime in so many capacities including such sensitive positions as both Interior Minister, the minister responsible for all internal security agencies such ass the notorious NSS (National Security Service), the Investigative Department of the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party, the Police, and Deputy Prime Minister at same time.

At another time, he was also Minister of Information and Public Orientation, or should I rather say Misinformation and Public Disorientation. He was responsible for creating the personality cult of the military dictator Major General Mohamed Siyad Barre, depicting him as all knowing and the wisest person on the face of the earth. Among the attributes of the 

General that had been advanced by this shameless person, Abdiqasim was “Aabihii Garashada”, and “Aabe Siyaad”, meaning the father of knowledge and father Siyaad or the father of the nation respectively.  Abdiqasim is infamous for his callous ability to present the tears of anguish and grieve into adulatory and approval.  I would never forget the day when Radio Mogadishu, the government radio started its news broadcast with a telegraphed message supposedly sent by a father of one of 17 young military and civilian officers who were executed earlier in the day for trying to overthrow the regime in 1978. This is beyond human decency.  After the collapse of his regime, Abdiqasim and his clique turned the popular uprising into settling the score of some clans with the former dictator’s clan, so that they could get away with their criminal past.  He then pledged his allegiance and support to his clan warlord who was none other than the late General Aideed, then the most powerful warlord who had been either duped or inspired by Abdiqasim’s selfish and corrupt explanation of a triumphant revolution led by his Habar Gidir clan against their arch enemy, the head dictator’s clan.  When General Aideed was killed in a street fight and his inexperienced son could not put the fear of god in the hearts of his late father’s lieutenants of whom he was broadly one of them, Abdiqasim don yet another Islamite shirt by joining 

the AL-BARAKAT funded militia of the Islamic Courts to pursue his greedy and selfish interest. And now, you know it; the Arta, Djabouti, Somalia Peace and Reconciliation Conference was the brainchild of the latter group.


Dr. Arnot, Somalia had seen worse days but to say “ it is the closest the country has come in a decade to resolving the bloody civil war that has consumed that nation” is misunderstanding and misstating the facts. In truth, the Djibouti promoted Somali Reconciliation Conference, which produced Abdiqasim’s and his guests namely TNG has turned the clock another decade back. He polluted the political environment of the whole region by playing the old hatred card against Ethiopia, a country that proved to be the only true friend of the Somali people in their time of need in order to enlist the support of Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Eritrea and Djabouti that may share the same goal of seeing Ethiopia’s power and influence diminished. However, the real reason behind this risk and political suicidal declaration was well-planned calculation to justify the purchases of weapons for his Ayr subclan militia and his allies so that they could use against other rival clans.


Dr. Arnot, you wrote Is it an irony or a tragedy that just at a time when you have a transitional government that many people agree on and you have a real chance, that suddenly you are accused of being a terrorist state?”.

This is another misguided statement. If any of that three-part statement were true, why no single region of Somalia’s 18 regions supported him.  Why the TNG cannot leave Hotel Ramadan for almost two years.  Why he cannot persuade his close associates not print billions of fake Somali Shillings every few weeks causing an unprecedented economical disaster.  Why bother with last weeks failed Nairobi, Kenya conference.  Abdiqasim neither has nor does he deserve a chance to con us, and the rest of the world again.  


When Abdiqasim says, “It is like the book of Somalia calling it pastoral democracy. Somalis are democrats by nature”, he did not tell you that the book by I. M. Lewis was set in former British Somaliland, now Somaliland which is adamant in its refusal to rejoin with the rest of Somalia after its cruel treatment by the hands of Abdiqasim’s Interior Ministry’s security forces and the armed as well as the air forces of his former regime.  We hope for Somaliland’s change of heart, but it would be difficult for the people of that part of the country as well as Puntland and the rest of the country including the infamous city of death, Baidowa, to embrace a system where Abdiqasim and his peers could stay anywhere else other than their proper place, which is in the jails. And who could blame them if the people of those parts of the country say no to the current arrangement?  It’s like asking someone to sleep in a same room with the snake that bit him before.

 Dr. Arnot , whatever action the United States of America, or anyone else wants take to help Somalia’s unfortunate people, Abdiqasim must not be consulted, informed, or advised, but instead he must be apprehended.  

Thank You

Cabdulle Muuse

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of

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