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AllPuntland: Qoraalada Akhristaha 

Posted to the Web   March 03, 2002


Dr. Ali Apollo    

Dr. Hassan  M. Noor ( Shaatigadud) “ There is No Peace without Justice”

The Leader of the Digil and Mirifle population Dr. Hassan Mohamed Noor best known as Shatigadud is in London U.K for health related trip since the last week of February month 2002.

Though he is not conducting political meetings , he accepted to meet with his own population and brief them about the actual and imminent situation in Somalia generally and particularly the situation in the Maayland regions mostly inhabited by the Digil and Mirifle population.


Dr Hassan Mohamed Noor met with his population after they have  requested in two very productive meetings , one was held in Manchester U.K , and the other one was held in London U.K where the Digil and Mirifle Leader has clearly pinpointed the political agenda and strategy of the Digil and Mirifle population towards the rest of the other Somali populations and the International Community.


Among the very sensitive questions asked by the meeting participants to H.E Dr. Hassan Mohamed Noor

( Shatigadud) were the followings:-


Q:- Dr. Hassan ; you have been in Addis Ababa for the last two months; what was the purpose of your long   Stay in Ethiopia?


A:-  In Ethiopia I have led a large delegation of the Digil and Mirifle leaders after we have received an

       Official invitation from the Ethiopian Authority. We have met high ranking Ethiopian Authorities and

       discussed  with them the bilateral relation between our two populations plus the best and  easiest

       approach to the Somali problems. We also met with some of the diplomatic missions in Addis Ababa

       and have forwarded to them our Internal and external policies which was very appreciated.


Q:- Some of your critics oppose against your cooperation with some figures in the SRRC whom they blame

       For their past actions against the Somali population generally , and particularly against the Digil and

       Mirifle population such as gen. Morgan , Aden Gabyow and Hussen Aidid .

       Why are you keeping them in Baidoa and accept them as your political Allies?


A:- I am very proud of my population who are struggling for their freedom , and I am very confident that

      Soon they will see their dream realized. About their criticism of my policy , I would reaffirm to them

      That we are in a democratic society where the freedom  of expression is well respected , and must be

      Respected by everyone belonging to my population including myself.

      What concerns our political tactics  I would like to make clear that “ Digil and Mirifle population have

      No permanent enemy , instead they have a permanent interest”.


Q:- In a recent statement the TNG president Abdiqassim Salad has accused the opposition of creating

      Obstacles for the Somali reconciliation process by arming their militiamen to destabilize the peace

      In the country with the sole aim of dividing the country into Somaliland , Puntland , Hiranland,

      Banadirland, Jubbaland , Bayland , Bakolland and so on with the help of the Ethiopians.

      What is your answer about Abdulqassim’s accusations ? Will you attend the next peace Conference

      That is scheduled to be held in Nairobi Kenya next month?


A:- There is no government in Somalia , and Abdulqassim should not claim to be president in order to

       Make it possible to happen any peace and reconciliation  for Somalia. It is very exaggerated when

      Abdulqassim lists all those so called lands, with the sole intention of creating clouds of confusions


      for the Somalis and International Communities;  but the reality is that Somalia must be built under the

      Federal system of governments that will not exceed the followings:- Somaliland , Puntland , Central=

      Land , and Maayland ; this is what we are fighting for and what the International Community is

      Considering to be the only solution for the Somali political confusions. We will attend the proposed

      Peace conference by the  IGAD member states if all parties will participate equally ; and if Somalia’s

      Problem will be faced honestly.


Q:- Why does the RRA support the Ethiopian interference in the Somali internal affairs ? and why the

      Digil and Mirifle population don’t support the Somali unity and idea of Greater Somalia?


A:- RRA is the Digil and Mirifle liberation Army who fought and are still fighting for a very clear cause

       Which is for the Freedom of their population and that is the difference between our army and the other

       Somali militiamen who are actively engaged in a continuing aimless fighting that vandalized the whole

       Somali Nation benefiting from the lawlessness situations , and avoiding by any means possible the

       Establishment of Law and Order knowing that one day they will be prosecuted for their crimes.

       Ethiopia is our Neighboring friend Country , it helped us to identify ourselves , search for our rights

       Helped our refugee population and all Somali refugees. Ethiopia has never interfered in the Somali

       Internal affairs and there are no Ethiopian troops in the Somali soil except friendly consultants.

       One thing must be very clear that the Somali peace and stability is a concern for Ethiopia, and its

       An International right for every country to protect its security when danger may come from its

       Neighboring country. Would any body sleep peacefully when realizing its Neighbors house on fire.

       About the idea of a the Somali unity our position is very clear ; we will support any kind of a Cen=

       Tralized powerful government ; instead we will support a federal system of government where the

       Federal States will govern independently its territory and sharing equally the political power of

       Loose federal Central government with very constitutionally limited powers.

       Regarding the idea of a Greater Somalia ; we the Digil and Mirifle population believe and respect the

       U.N Charts of the member States and respect the Internationally recognized existing borders. Overall

       We don’t recognize the Greater Somalia principle ; and advise all Somali politicians to respect the

       Neighboring countries Sovreighnity in order to establish a lasting peace in the East African region.


Q:- The UN Secretary General recently declared that according to the report of the UN fact finding Mission  That recently visited different parts of Somalia ; has declared that there is no peace and security in Mogadishu and for that reason the UN will not open its office in Mogadishu.  What is your opinion , and what would suggest?


A:- It is not a new discovery done by Mr. Kofi Anan; every body knows that there is been no peace and

       Stability in Somalia for about 10 years generally and particularly in Mogadishu with the exception

       Of Somaliland . The UN could play very important role to solve the Somalia problem instead of

       Concentrating all its efforts to deal with Mogadishu warlords by funding them through protection

       Contracts , renting from the warlords the conquered at gunpoint Houses and Villas while their owners

       are suffering in the refugee camps around the World and in Somalia. The UN has directly or indirectly

       fuelled and prolonged the continuation of the brutal war conducted by the Central region’s militiamen

       The UN should approach realistically when dealing with the Somali problem and stop promoting and

       Recognizing the Arta Group , because that will never work.


Q:-In your recent Interview with IRIN you have said that the Digil and Mirifle are the political balance ;

     And that neither Hawiye nor Darod can form a Somali government without the support of the Digil and

     Mirifle population . Can’t the Digil and Mirifle lobby to form a Somali government?


 A:- I did not say that the Digil and Mirifle can’t campaign to form a Somali government instead I would

       Reaffirm to all Digil and Mirifle population , and to the Somali population as well that the Digil and

      Mirifle are very capable of forming a Somali Federal government since both the Hawiye and Darod

      Had that opportunity but unfortunately could not succeed to promote a just and peaceful Somali State.

      And because the Digil and mirifle are a majority in the reality ; plus they own the most fertile land and

      Are very productive sedentary Society not continuously moving  Nomadics. We are also the only

      Multicultural population that speak more than seven languages with special cultures and traditions.


Q:- When are you planning to declare and form the Digil and Mirifle State ? Do you have any plan ?


A:- Yes , we have our plan to declare our state as soon as we complete our preliminary preparations

       For a Digil and Mirifle Conference and all other clans that lived and reside with us peacefully.

       Our state is special because it will reflects the first of its kind that accepts a multicultural state

       With the federal system of government . We are an all inclusive state and we were so centuries

       Ago ; proof of that you can just look at our name “ Digil and Mirifle’ is a confederation form of

       Nation that was formed before even the advanced countries knew about the idea of federalism.

       We have ready our Constitution ; flag and all Internal regulations; once I declare the State every

       Institution will be ready to function lawfully.


Q:- Can you tell us briefly the main Articles in your Constitution?


A:- Our state is a Federal State ; that has its boundaries on the Digil and Mirifle land.

       Our population is mainly the digil and mirifle , but includes and respects all the rights

       Of the non Digil and Mirifle population that lived and shared with us for years.

      Our Capital will be Baidoa ; and our official languages will be English and May-May.

      Our Constitution will respect all Internationally recognized Rights such as :- the freedom

      For existence and life ; the freedom for the press and media ; the freedom for thought and

      Expression ; the freedom for religion ; and will abide by the international Law respecting

      All International States and Neighboring countries.


Q:- Dr. Hassan Mohamed Noor ; what would you advise to the Digil and Mirifle population generally

      And particularly the Intellectuals ?


A:- To the Digil and Mirifle population I would advise as I have always said to them to be patient and

       Continue with their struggle for their freedom ; because freedom will never be served to anybody

       On a golden plate unless you fight with all what you can life , money , ideas ect.

       And to the Digil and Mirifle Intellectuals I would advise them to benefit from their knowledge and

        Use their knowledge to free their land and population ; extend the voice of your population to the

        World ears by convincing the International Community that the Digil and Mirifle population are

        Fighting for freedom not for occupation.


Q:- Mr. Chairman ; what would you tell the Somali and International Community?


A:- I would tell an easy say that says “ NO JUSTICE , NO PEACE “ ; in Somalia will not be

       Any lasting peaceful solution until an inch of our territory is occupied by our invaders


The Somali Digil and Mirifle population generally and particularly the Intellectuals and politician in Somalia

and in the diaspora (Abroad) North America , Europe , Asia and Australia in different meetings unanimously

have strongly supported their Leaders Statement , and will continue supporting  for his heroic activities

towards the liberation of his people and territory.

They have expressed their thanks to their leader Dr. Hassan Mohamed Noor ( Shatigadud) ; and hoped him

All the best and good heath; and for the Digil and Mirifle forces generally and particularly the RRA go ahead

With your righteous fighting until the last inch of their land is liberated.


Dr. Ali Apollo

Legal adviser of D&M


Dr. Hassan haji Abukar


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