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The three Lost Engineers!

AllPuntland(Aragtida Akhristaha) Kala xiriir  
November  23, 2001
Posted to the  November 23, 2001

BY Abdullahi Mohamud Dooloow 


Its is very simple to write an article but does it refelect the truth nature
of somalian polotics, would the world wants to listen them. I wonder how
three so called Engineers brought their sickening trible idealism into the
context of the current issues of the world in their article named US FORIEGN POLICY TOWARDS SOMALI in hiiraan site. The contradictory of their unknown headings was the reason i wanted to put them into the right way. I and many others didn't clearly understand who they were against either Islam or the west. If they were against of the west they shouldn't have to mension about madina Islamic court or Muse Sudi Yalahow who deserve credit for his long standing to bring peace in his country, unlike those who acustomed to print fake money and to put hell in ordinary somali's life.

Those lost Engineers went on and acuse Mr Muse Sudi for the whole problems in Mogadishu. But, what they dont remember is that Mr Suudi has a case in his fight againest those invaders. When we talk terrorism in Somalia, we are all talking about the invaders example Barakaat, Hasan dahir aweys, Abas and many others whom belong the same clan. The question now is who is terrorist? Nonetheless Mr suudi will play his part the war againest terrorism and i will then see who u will the Engineers write for.
Dr Abdullahi Doolow

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