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Coalition For Somali Intellectuals Abroad:

[Jamal Nur]

January 27, 2002

Posted to the Web   January 27, 2002


Jamal Nuur  


TO:  United States President, His excellence Mr. George W. Bush

CC:  Secretary general of the United Nations, OAU, IGAD

Mr. Abdulqasim, the leader of the Transitional Terror Government in  Mogadishu, has played his last card by paying a visit to Libya to secure a promised $ 100 Million and military hardware. Reports coming from Tripoli say that although Qadafi was very generous to this Al-Itihad sponsored TNG, Abdulqasim faced criticism as to what he did to the  Millions of dollars donated by Arabs to the Somali people. Not a single school was built. The Hotel the TNG live is paid by the business men of Mogadishu who are all members of Al-Itihad Al-Islamiya Org.

Abdiqasim and his close relatives bought properties in Cairo and Durban while the rest of the Somalis are dying of hunger (Ref: Al-Ahram paper).  

Al-Itihad forces, including those returned from Afghanistan and reinforcements from Mogadishu, Merka, Kisimayu and Raskiyamboni are regrouping in Jilib town 120 km north of Kisimayu. These die-hard militants dressed as police force are being trained by foreigners to wage terrorist war  against innocent Somalis and to Ethiopian Government. The war against terrorism is far from over. Somalia is a nation without a government. The top lieutenants of the TNG are those responsible for the killing of 18 U.S. service men. These criminals must be brought to justice and if need be taken to Guatenamo Bay where their friends are for questioning. 

Abdulqasim while in Tripoli, has strongly criticized the US foreign policy and condemned for what he called the Continuous American aggression and terror toward Somali people . Who is he speaking for?  Obviously he is speaking for the Al-Itihad / Al-Islamiyah Transitional Government in which all the so called ministers and member of parliament are members of Al-Itihad Org.  Al-Itihad militia police force have assassinated 3 innocent Somalis in Mogadishu last week for just talking to foreign reporters and admitting that there is a heavy presence of Al-Qaeda trained terrorists in Mogadishu, Merka, Kisimayu and a newly established site ( Bossaso ).  

Somali people are generally good people but not fortunate enough to have

good leaders. They have suffered a lot. The international community         especially the United States must act and act quickly to free the innocent Somalis from the slavery imposed by Al-Qaeda sponsored TNG in Mogadishu. Somali people are hostage to criminals and religious fanatics who the word compromise is not in their dictionary. They must be defeated.

But wait, there is hope. The SRRC composed of Eng Hussein Aidid and Muse Suudi Yalaxow of Mogadishu, President Abdullahi Yusuf of Puntland State, Colonel ShatiGudud of Bay & Bakol, Ambassador Abdullahi Ismail of Lower Shabelle and General Aden Gabyow and general Morgan of Juba land are all committed to fighting terrorism and pledged support for any military action the United states may take. That is a good news for the Somali people.

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