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January 03, 2002

Posted to the Web   January 04, 2002


Jamal Nuur


CC  to :IGAD, OAU, OIC, UNO and US Secretary for Africa

The Al-Qaida sponsored Transitional Government gathering in Nairobi in the name of  ( Somali

Reconciliation ) is another attempt to hijack the war against terrorism and religious fanatics.

Let us look closely the attendees and the sponsors of this meeting. Mr. Osman Atto, after he could  not get what he wanted from the S.S.R.C. ( rival TNG based in Baidoa )  because of his crimes   against humanity and the fact that he was given $ 260,000 by Abdulqasim, started all in a sudden an atmosphere of reconciliation between the TNG of Abdulqasim and a fictitious group that called    themselves the TNG opposition headed by Mr. Osman Atto himself. Included in this meeting was  the infamous Colonel Mohamed Omar Jees, No. 3 most wanted man in Somalia after TNG

President, Abdulqasim and Mr Osman Atto himself.

Who Is Mr Atto ?

Mr Atto was caught by the U.S.A. marines in Mogadishu while killing the American soldiers during    The Operation Restore Hope. He caused more killing , assassination and suffering to millions of    innocent Somali people. He single handedly looted and sold every single factory, telephone pole,  copper line and everything of Somali historical significance to any willing buyer. He also looted   every single tractor and heavy equipment in Mogadishu area belonged to the previous government  and today they are rotten in his garage in Mogadishu. Mr Atto knows the magnitude of the crimes  he committed.

 Al-Qaida is on the run, Al-Barakat funds is drying up, all Arab donated funds in D’Jabouti Banks  have almost been spent and the remainder is under the watchful eye of the US Treasury and the  UN political officers, Mr David Stephens and Randolph Kent, who fund raised for the Al-Itihad TNG have all been exciled.

Having the above facts in mind and knowing what pressure the Saudi, Qatari and Emerates fanatics  are nowadays under,  another funding source and another safe house has to be found for the TNG.

Hence, Egypt and Libya sponsored Nakuru agreement provides for an international secretariate  to be established in Nairobi to oversee the implementation of the peace process and to help raise  funds for it. This is all hoax. It is all about funding the Al-Qaida /Al-Itihad  movement and has  nothing to do with with Somali peace process.

Let me simplify the truth for you. It is all about Egypt, Ethiopia and the Nile River. Egypt exports and supports all kinds of extremism in Somalia just to keep pressure on Ethiopia and that is how  Egypt uses Saudi fanatics and the Al-Itihad TNG for their selfish interests.

Al-Barakat and AlItihad started moving their militia and weoponary out of Mogadishu to Central region, Merka and  to Kisimayo to  deceive  and create doubts in the minds of those who would have otherwise supported to bring to justice to those who committed crimes against humanity. The TNG started utilizing Arab media and the BBC (Somali Section) as a  propaganda tool to change the international public opinion and to lessen the weight of the different terrorist groups in Somalia under the umbrella of Al-Itihad Al-Islamiya. Al-Itihad is a growing threat to the whole region of East Africa and eventually to the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.       

More than 300 of the Al-Itihad militia sent to Afghanistan by Col. Shiekh Dahir Awes to fight against America came back to Mogadishu declaring victory that they had killed more Americans in Afghanistan and they also said that the  western media is not  fully reporting what is happening.

Abdiqasim, the TNG president, invited the Leaders of those militia including the Al-Itihad .     

Police commander, Shiekh Omar Farouq and Al-Itihad militia commander, Col. Hassan Shiekh Dahir Awees, to a dinner at his house. He praised those militia for their bravery and gave   them incentives to continue fighting  against what he called American arrogance. The incentives whether be police ranking or monetary is not disclosed. Abdulqasim also inspired those militia  leaders to prepare for a bigger fighting.  He said that we can invite and bring to our country who ever we want and America will meet the same fate as before should they decide to invade us. 

The Truth Continues………

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