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Press Release: Abdirisaq H. Hussein Has Gone Stray.

Posted to the Web   May 02, 2002


RAJO Somali 

Center For Somali Reconciliation (RAJO) 


Tel: + 44 208 3240195 


Press Release:


Abdirisaq H. Hussein Has Gone Stray Mr. Abdirisaq's interview with the BBC and his so called 'letter to Ethiopian PM' are biased, carry baseless accusations, and worse of all ridiculous the least. 


For sure, his letter will go to deaf ears if not to dust spin. An embassy of any real state or a secretary of modern leadership will not even opt for posting or forwarding such a slander message to a leader of a whole nation. 


To our dismay, we thought this man (Abdirisaq) was once upon a time a states man of high quality and respectful personality but today to us he is nothing but unwise, ill-fated and deserves no attention of any sort. We urge the Ethiopian government not to buy the cheapest of the cheap arguments and viewpoints. 


We also urge all Somalia's immediate neighbors to continue their endeavors in bringing a lasting peace to the Somali nation. 


The big majority of Somali people are grateful for your efforts and we hope that the ill intentions of certain groups will not deter you to be generous for the civilians of Somalia who are paying very heavy price due to the madness and chaotic warfare that engulfed in our nation.


The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, the people of Ethiopia and majority of Somali people have no reason to go to war of any kind (words or otherwise) with one another. Ethiopia - like it or not - is an important part of Somali peace and stability. After all, in Ethiopia, there are deep roots of Somaliness which will and cannot be rooted out easily. Simply, nobody can deny Ethiopia's strategic role in the whole region and Somalis have no reasons to belittle Ethiopia's rightful role, place and share in our political future. 


They have every right to express their opinions, be it good or bad, since Somalia's problems will anyway affect them. That alone makes them part of the parcel. 


Shame on Abdirisaq and the likes, who simply wish Ethiopia to watch over the game and subsequently pay heaviest price for that. 


If Somalia's chaos and madness will anyhow cause severe problems to Ethiopia and other neighbors why should Ethiopia and these neighbors tie their hands behind their backs?!. 


Somalia has done one big historic mistake (war waged on Ethiopia in late 70s which caused havoc and so much destruction to the lives, economies and normalcy of so many Ethiopians and Somalians) and we need to regret and ask for forgiveness to this neighborly nation. Ethiopia deserves peace and triangulate from Somalia and we, among the big Somali majority, believe Somalis have not been so good to this sisterly nation so long. 


It is indeed time to heal and give credit where it is due. Ethiopia - a nation of its own natural problems including starvation, drought and very dire economic difficulties - has welcomed and taken care of not less than a million Somali refugees who stayed in Ethiopian territories for more than a decade. 


They have also accepted another hundreds of thousands of Somalis who fled the war in Somalia and till this day stay, live and enjoy under Ethiopian flag. Ethiopia in addition has tried time and again to reconcile Somalia's warring clans and warlords to no avail. Patiently, the government of Prime Minister Males Zanawi has not given up hope for peace and stability for Somalia after so many failures perpetrated by Somalis. This nation (Ethiopia) and its leadership (PM, FM and other officers) did all these on their own expenses. 


After all this, these thugs like Abdirisaq H. Hussein are rewarding Ethiopia with insult, empty accusations, slander messages, and offences. It is time for all Somalis to stand up and heal the wounds. Better than never, let us be moral and act accordingly with the following: 


1. Regret all the hardships we caused to Ethiopia 


2. Apologize Ethiopia for the long war we waged on them (of which shamefully, we've never acknowledged upto this day - how irresponsible are we) 


3. Give up claims on Ethiopia's Territories (To this day, we haven't) 


4. Stop all terror groups penetrating and functioning inside Somalia who are causing dead, theft and terror on Ethiopian civilians 


5. Act as a sisterly nation 


6. Accept Ethiopia's call for peace among us (let us be human and stop killing each other - how much does it cost to ask?) 


7. Stop once and for all the exportation of refugees, criminals and terrorist groups



Reference: RAJO Group is a group of HOPE for Somalia's Reconciliation initiatives. RAJO a Somali word similar to the English one of HOPE is an expression of how Somalia's political reconciliation movements could be best described. 

This group is an umbrella consisting of few organizations that are all involved in reconciliation processes. 


RAJO has supported all Somali Reconciliation efforts including the recent Arta Process and Sodere Process and we do support the upcoming IGAD's initiative in Nairobi. 


Our hope or RAJO is to see Somalis reconciled one day, and that day will be a BIG DAY. 

All communications can be directed to our email address as mentioned above.

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of

Please direct all questions on the above article to RAJO Somali 

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