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Press Release

Somali Salvation Party:

Posted to the Web  June 26, 2002

Contact Person

Said Siyaad Shirwac 

Somali Salvation Party:
The Somali Salvation Party - SSP has the honor to introduce by itself, as we are very pleased to submit this short note about the SSP to your daily news.
Somali Intellectuals came from cross-clans have founded this Party on Feb. 12/2002 in Mogadishu. Being an all-inclusive Party makes it the first of its kind in the modern history of Somalia since 1969. In fact, this is the huge effort made by Mohamed Mohamud Guled (Gamadere) who firstly introduced the idea and engaged himself in gathering cross-clan intellectuals.

The following are the main and immediate objectives of the Party:
1. The Party supports an all-inclusive reconciliation Conference to be held soon (the forthcoming Somali Reconciliation Conference in Nairobi-Kenya).
2. The Party takes tough measures to find loose National Central Government with a powerful regional administration in Somalia.
3. The Party puts all its efforts in settling the Somali polit ical turmoil in a peaceful way.
4. The Party believes to strength the relationship between Somalia and the neighboring countries.
5. The Party respects and confirms all the previous international conventions and agreements between Somalia and the International Community.
6. The Party appeals to the International Community to cooperate with it in efforts to solve the chronic problem of Somalia.
7. The Party would highly appreciate if international community would positively concern and directly be involved in the Somali Peace Reconciliation Process.
8. The Party appeals to all Somalis to help themselves in order to be helped.

Finally, we hope success for Kenyan President Daniel A. Moi and his Government in their extreme efforts to restore Somali National Administration.

Thanks in advance

Mohamed Mohamud Guled (Ga’ma dhere)

The Chairman of SSP
Tel: 2521-222517
Telfax: 2525-9-32138

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