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Fikradaha / Opinion


[ AllPuntland Opinion/Fikradaha ]

January 19, 2002

Posted to the Web   January 19, 2002


Abdirashid Mohamed Shire

lOver the last few days we have witnessed several articles calling for peace in some web sites ( & that have been addressed to Puntlanders, be they elderly, elite groups, exiles, etc of both inside and outside Puntland, Somalia.  In my view, all these articles are right to call for peace during this distressing period in Puntland and our condolences go to the families of the victims. But if we look from another view I think that what we need throughout the entire of Somalia is just actions as they speak louder than words.  I think, we have been well known for many generations that we are an oral society where each and everyone of us enjoy in talking a lot but not quite the same in acting, no matter if we have the proper background and training for the arguments concerned.  In my humble opinion, here is where Somali’s problem lies and still as fresh as even a decade later, a nation of experts and masters in all realms and yet unwilling to compromise all the time regardless the problem, the people, the place, etc.  What a pity!   

Anyway when I call to actions, I mean actions mainly from the diaspora even though I agree with everyone that peace is paramount and the basis for everything.  In addition, we have to recognise that we are all brothers and sisters and let us not engage in killing between one another because after all what you lose is a sibling.  I very much believe in that we can resolve every issue through negotiation but not otherwise.  Also some quarters of the politicians should show some sense of respect and compromise to their people and vice versa.  Also it would be nice if we could separate the public figures from the people they hail from and when we are criticising them we better do only on their policies but not insulting them.  And we have to show at the same time alternatives in solving either the problem or improving the situation where the people who can offer the know-how should be left to deal with it once and for all but not for everyone. 

Actions from the Diaspora: 

Is really very sickening when you come across someone who spent for years in one of these developed countries that we stay in numbers who is yet thinking as wrong as the lay people at home.  Perhaps we are either not yet learnt from the good things of these countries in terms of expressing views freely and judging things objectively, i.e., without any bias, or we lack conscience.  Whatever it is and whoever we are, we sometimes all look not telling and facing the truth, where is that Somali proverb that says ‘ run iyo ilkaba waa la cadeeyaa’. 

Therefore following that proverb or saying, we, the diaspora, should realise that our country is waiting from us by only two things, which are knowledge and money.  When I say money, I do not mean the money we remit to our families and friends at home but rather to generate wealth from the countries we live in and use it later to invest in our country.  It really pleases me when I come across a Somali people who are running good business in overseas like shops, restaurants, cafes etc, and so to when I see young people who are pursuing education in every discipline one could imagine. 

The next thing after creating this wealth is to invest home sensibly and create jobs for the local people, who without jobs are vulnerable to commit any crime possible and liable to be manipulated for something they know very little of.  After generating wealth individually, we seem to be either lacking or ignoring to learn yet fully from these developed countries and join ventures for the better.  Or do we not trust each other?  Again here reminds me few Somali proverbs or sayings that indicate the importance of working as a unit such as: gacmo wadojir beey wax ku gooyaan, far keliya fool ma dhaqdo, iskaashato ma kufto, etc. Therefore, I leave with the business minded people to first unite and then set businesses up at home and abroad.  I believe in that this sort of businesses is already underway but we need more and more. 

Also the next thing after gaining knowledge from these countries is to first identify people with the same field, form a society wherever the group is based in, explore what you can contribute at home, plan it, and eventually return home to pass on or implement it.  If it happens that you do not find a group, that is not end of the world but do continue to plan for your future contribution at home wherever it may be individually.  Because I believe in that we have enough educated people from every part of Somalia in overseas and if most of these people return to their districts and regions, surely they can make a difference.  And who knows that in the not too distant future we might as well end up of having almost every professional in almost every corner of Somalia.   

These professionals if they ever return to, it would be nice if they bear in mind to participate in the community activities and sometimes sacrifice for their time to work for the people free of charge.  A friend of mine, who is medic decided one year ago to go back to his region to establish a small clinic, thank god he achieved that and established to run a decent clinic albeit small one.  But what touched me deeply is that when he told me, himself and colleague go and work the public for free in the general hospital two days a week for two hours a day.  Really is fantastic and deserved to be emulated.  Community participation is paramount; we don’t have to be too selfish. 

To cut the long story short, our educated diaspora should and can plan for the use of our Natural Resources that god bestowed upon us but as yet not fully exploited by the Somalis such as Agriculture, Livestock, Minerals, Fishing, etc. Based on these and together with our education and experience we can have tangible businesses, industries, schools, hospitals, universities, transport, communication, etc; and in addition to all these, is our nice tropical climatic condition.  We certainly can make a difference throughout Somalia. 

Once we, the diaspora, all think in this or even better way and return home, sure we can influence our people, whoever they are, in a nice way where they concentrate to exploit their natural resources and talents rather than wasting time meaninglessly.  Surely if we are serious and frank enough we can all return home and show everything in good actions, I believe all what we would receive from them is nothing but appreciation.  Yes there will be a risk, but let us brave enough and sacrifice for the good causes.   

Conclusion :

To finish it off, I read and article called ‘Exploring Somalia's Natural Resources - A geological perspective’, written by a Somali Geologist where he presented a meeting in Canada sponsored by the Som-Can Institute for Research and Development (SCIRD) in collaboration with Partnership Africa Canada (PAC).  By using his knowledge and experience, he neatly illustrated how we (Somalis) would approach in making use of our geological resources, remember we may have oil, together with the International Community.  To me, that is exactly the sort of way we should fundamentally approach each and every area that we would like to contribute to our home country and finally act upon it.  Because these good intentions and plan followed by actions is what Somalia and Puntland require alongside peace.  This development and peace can only be achieved when we all work together as honestly and respectfully as possible no matter of our views. 

I sincerely apologise if I muddled things up, because I belong to a different profession than talking about this article, common sense though it is to talk about.  But hey, did we (Somalis) forget that we are all masters and experts in every aspect of life. Are we? 

By: Abdirashid Mohamed Shire

London UK.


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