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AllPuntland: Qoraalada Akhristaha 

SNF Press Release

Posted to the Web   February 17, 2002

Waxaa Qoray

Hassan Dahir  


 For immediate Release


Beled-Xaawo (February 14, 2002) The current conflict that has been reported in Bardheere is clearly orchestrated by the so-called Transitional Government (Arta group) and their supporters the terrorist groups Al-Itihad and its financial wing Al Barakaat. The central objective of this group is to destabilize the Gedo region and then establish once again a safe heaven for terrorists.


The Arta group has been working tirelessly to destroy the Somali National Front (SNF) and people of the Gedo region of Somalia. Arta group had this evil wish even before they assumed their name in Arta. When the TNG came to Mogadishu it focused its attention on Luuq, Beled-Xaawo and Doolow districts of Somalia.  In the past eighteen months, the Arta group initiated several overt and covert campaigns to destroy SNF and its supporters. In a provocative move in January 2001 Ina Salad Booy sent a delegation led by Abdi Mohamed his Minister of Transportation a well-known Itihad member and a naturalized Canadian citizen to Gedo.  One person was killed in the Garbaharey. By sending money and material to groups formed by Arta group remnants of the defeated Al-Itihad started their destructive activities. Then on March 30, 2001 the Aarta supporters attacked the city of Beled Xaawo. However, they were soundly defeated.


 The Arta militias that are now brought from terrorist bases in Ras Kambooni and Kisamayo to Bardheere are harassing, looting properties and raping women and under aged girls.  By its actions the Arta group has proved beyond any doubt that it is a terrorist organization.

 These aggressive actions by the Arta and its terrorist supporters must be exposed and combated. Therefore, we call on all our people to be aware of this mischievous plan by Arta group and do everything possible to resist and foil it.  We will also hold responsible the terrorist and their leaders for the killings of innocent people in Baardheere and we will take all necessary steps to bring them to international justice.


For further information


Maxamuud Sayid



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